[Dovecot] Cache details

Warren Baker warren at decoy.co.za
Tue Nov 25 13:57:22 EET 2008

Hi All,

Is there any specific details we can extract from dovecots authentication
cache (besides Authentication cache hits)?
Reason i am asking is because we had a mysql user account which was
returning a unknown user account. Fixing the one value in the sql result
didnt have any affect and Dovecot was still returning an auth failure for
the user after 24 hours had elapsed, even though auth_cache_negative_ttl was
set to 120.

Restarting Dovecot or a SIGHUP on dovecot-auth sorted out the problem. It
would be useful if we could interrogate the cache somehow to see what cache
entry is been hit.

Auth cache settings are as follows:

auth_cache_size = 51200
auth_cache_ttl = 2100
auth_cache_negative_ttl = 120

Any suggestions appreciated.


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