[Dovecot] [dovecot] Pre-populate index files for mbox

Jonathan Siegle jsiegle at psu.edu
Tue Nov 25 20:33:48 EET 2008

Timo Sirainen said the following on 11/25/08 12:01 PM:
> On Nov 25, 2008, at 6:28 PM, Jonathan Siegle wrote:
>> Is there a program written that can be used to build the index files  
>> for a given mbox file without using IMAP/POP? If not I'll be happy  
>> to donate it when I'm done. The args would be the userid , the full  
>> path to the mbox and where to put the index files.
> There's a difference between IMAP and POP3: With POP3 you really want  
> to have message sizes cached. With IMAP you might not want to cache  
> any fields, but depending on the client you might want to cache many  
> different fields. That's not really easy to figure out beforehand  
> (unless you just cache pretty much everything).
> Anyway assuming you want POP3 to be fast for most people, this'll do it:
> export MAIL=mbox:/tmp:INBOX=/path/to/mbox/file
> echo "quit" | /usr/local/libexec/dovecot/pop3

I'm actually doing this step for our Webmail application. It has its own 
set of toc files and also has native access to the filesystems. I want 
to migrate to the toc files in dovecot instead. I still don't think it 
would be a bad idea to create a mailutil type application for dovecot.


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