[Dovecot] v1.1.6 released

Rob Mangiafico rmang at lexiconn.com
Tue Nov 25 21:24:59 EET 2008

>> We're running 1.1.4 in production on one machine, and have tried 1.1.5. and 
>> 1.1.6 in our test environment... all three still sometimes have the "next 
>> message unexpectedly lost" error logged. This happens only for Outlook 
>> users, and corresponds to the user seeing a message with no subject or body 
>> in Outlook's list.
> I've finally managed to reproduce this with my own mails a few days ago. Now 
> I'd just need to figure out what exactly is causing it and fix it.

Glad you were able to identify the issue. We see it every few days as well 
using mbox and POP3 checking where sometimes an "in the middle" deletion 
of a message (via a POP3 checker POPTray) will cause the empty message to 
appear to any POP3 check with a pop checker, pegasus mail, outlook, etc... 
It does not appear to be isolated to Outlook. Deleting the index files 
resets things.

>> Other clients see the message fine. Effective workarounds:
>> 1. Delete index files.
>> 2. Have the user use a client such as Pine to "bounce" the message, or 
>> reply to it, or etc. After this Outlook can display it. We've sort of 
>> inferred that this is due to the fact that it's technically a "new" message 
>> now, as it is rewritten to add the appropriate header fields.
> 3. Don't use mbox. :)
> Although I thought this error was transparent to users. I get it every few 
> days and haven't really noticed any problems because of it. Wonder what 
> Outlook sees that causes it to break.

Haven't been able to pull the trigger on mbox -> maildir. As mentioned 
above, we see the empty message with any POP3 program, not just Outlook. 
Hopefully you narrow it down. If you need any more data, let me know, and 
we'll try and capture more the next time it happens.



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