[Dovecot] anti spam measures

Johannes Berg johannes at sipsolutions.net
Wed Nov 26 16:10:56 EET 2008

[please don't drop the list, somebody else might care]

On Wed, 2008-11-26 at 07:02 -0700, Trever L. Adams wrote:
> Johannes Berg wrote:
> > Interesting. Somebody else was reporting the same errors, but I'm not
> > seeing them. But I'm still using 1.1.2. I'll review the changes, I
> > guess, but if I don't find anything quickly I won't get around to poking
> > at it before Christmas.
> >
> > johannes
> >   
> I found out what the problem is. In your git tree you have the signature 
> option set for both dspam and crm114 with both uncommented.

Oh, so it's looking for the crm signature? Well, I guess the man-page
should have them both commented out, maybe.

> Can you provide me with more information on your crm setup?

Well, it's a bit complicated, but I'll leave out the SMTP part. When a
mail is delivered locally, it's passed to crm114: basically:

xfilter "/usr/local/bin/mailreaver"

  if ( /^X-CRM114-Status: UNSURE/:h )
    to $HOME/Maildir/.UNSURE/
  if ( /^X-CRM114-Status: SPAM/:h ) 
    to $HOME/Maildir/.SPAM/

and then in dovecot, I have:
plugin {
  crm114_spam = SPAM
  crm114_unsure = UNSURE
  crm114_signature = X-CRM114-CacheID
  crm114_crm_binary = /usr/local/bin/mailreaver

(I compile my plugin with the option to change the pluginname)

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