[Dovecot] Released Sieve v0.1.2 (important bug fixed)

Stephan Bosch stephan at rename-it.nl
Wed Nov 26 22:17:36 EET 2008

Hello Dovecot users,

Today, Andy Howell tripped an important bug in the Sieve interpreter 
that makes it crash when redirect is executed. That is why I quickly 
release yet another new version to provide a fix for this bug.

I really should prevent this from happening again in the future by 
extending the test suite to test the execution of actions.

Changelog v0.1.2:

   - Fixed important bug in the redirect action (and probably other
     actions like reject and vacation that only send messages). This was
     a bug in the handling of context information during the execution of
     actions. It caused the sieve interpreter to crash with a segfault
     when redirect was executed.

The release is available here:


Refer to the initial release mail for more information:



Stephan Bosch
stephan at rename-it.nl
IRC: Freenode, #dovecot, S[r]us

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