[Dovecot] UIDL question

Wouter van der Schagt wouter at vdschagt.com
Thu Nov 27 20:13:12 EET 2008

Hi all,

I'm migrating a Postfix + Dovecot 1.0 server with mboxes to Qmail + Dovecot
1.4 with Maildirs and encounter the following the problem.

Using perfect-maildir.pl from: http://perfectmaildir.home-dn.net/ i can
relatively succesfully convert the mbox to a Maildir. The problem, however
is that clients with "leave mail on server" set to on retrieve all email a
2nd time.

I understand this must be because the email client "sees" a different UIDL
and downloads the message again. Looking at the 1.0 configuration, i do not
see a "pop3_uidl_format" setting. So was wondering how the UIDL is

Is anybody aware of a conversion script that properly maintains the UIDL? Or
am I misisng something else here?

- Wouter van der Schagt

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