[Dovecot] Namespaces and shared folders

bbell2000 b311b-dovecot at theotherbell.com
Fri Nov 28 03:16:59 EET 2008

I had a working dovecot install before I tried to implement shared folders
using namespaces.

I added the following to /etc/dovecot/dovecot.conf:

    namespace private {
    separator =
    prefix =
    inbox = yes

    namespace public {
    separator = /
    prefix =
    location = maildir:/home/public/shared/Maildir

I created my shared folder using the maildirmake command that came with

    maildirmake -S /home/public/shared/Maildir
    maildirmake -s write -f online /home/public/shared/Maildir
    chown -R dovecot:shared /home/public/shared
    find /home/public/shared -type d -exec chmod 0777 {} \;
    find /home/public/shared -type f -exec chmod 0666 {} \;

At this point, the online folder shows up as a subscribable folder in
Thunderbird.  I can subscribe to online and I can still access my Inbox. 
But I can't get to any of the folders in my Inbox (Trash, Drafts, etc.).  I
can access these folders if I comment out the namespaces and revert to the
default behavior.

There are no clues in mail.err, mail.info or mail.warn -- the only messages
are the ones written when my client establishes a successful IMAP

What did I do wrong?

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