[Dovecot] ManageSieve and invalid scriptname

Steffen Kaiser skdovecot at smail.inf.fh-brs.de
Fri Nov 28 10:16:35 EET 2008

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On Thu, 27 Nov 2008, Miguel Filho wrote:

> Well as you can see, a file without the .sieve is not welcome :-(
> I checked the RFC and there is no requirement for a .sieve file
> extension when considering scriptnames.

Well, the RFC specifies the scriptname "on wire", but does not (and should 
not) care, what happens afterwards.

You muddle with the internal storage of the managesieve demon. It contains 
sanity checks to prevent that its operations breaks other programs 
managing Sieve scripts and the other way around.

> Is this a misplaced restriction or it really should be enforced for any reason?
> I hope that this can be tolerable, or I will have to rename a lot of
> scripts and remove all hardcoded "phpscript" strings from avelsieve
> :-(

I guess you've configured avelsieve to place the script right into the 
home directory of the user rather than through ManageSieve, right? 
Therefore Managesieve detects that this script is alien and keeps its 
hands off.

Either use Managesieve (the protocol) or configure the symlinks in reverse 
direction (though I suppose it won't work unless Avelsieve overwrites 
the file):

ln -s ~user/.dovecot.sieve ~user/phpscript

So Avelsieve will manage, whatever Managesieve places there, and 
Managesieve does not detect the alien interference.

Another strategy would be to:
a) test what happens if the target of ~/.dovecot.sieve 
(~/Maildir/sieve/script.sieve) is a symlink itself.
b) remove the name check from the demon.

But why are you using two sieve management interfaces?


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