[Dovecot] UIDL question

Wouter van der Schagt wouter at vdschagt.com
Fri Nov 28 18:15:44 EET 2008

> With v1.1 you can add POP3 UIDLs fo dovecot-uidlist. For example if
> you have mailbox with UIDVALIDITY 1234 and then entries:
> You can add their %v.%u UIDL:
> 123 P1234.123 :file1
> 124 P1234.124 :file2

> i.e. P followed by the UIDL.

That sounds good, however, when i have the following dovecot-uidlist file...

1 1146473021 25449
25360 P1146473021.25360 :1227888318.000000.mbox,S=37351:2,
25361 P1146473021.25361 :1227888318.000001.mbox,S=35833:2,
25362 P1146473021.25362 :1227888318.000002.mbox,S=31107:2,

And execute a USER, PASS and UIDL command, i'm getting the %f returned 
instead of the %v.%u as specified in the dovecot-uidlist file. I'm using the 
1.1.4 version of Dovecot. Did i do something wrong? Also the file is updated 
after i close my telnet session to sometihng that looks like:

3 V1146473021 N25627 1146473021 25449
25538 :1227888318.000000.mbox,S=37351:2,
25539 :1227888318.000001.mbox,S=35833:2,
25540 :1227888318.000002.mbox,S=31107:2,

IE: the header is different, if the first is the version number, where can i 
find more information on the syntax to use in v3?

- Wouter van der Schagt 

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