[Dovecot] Why my Evolution cannot delete emails in dovecot IMAP folder?

Rick Romero rick at havokmon.com
Thu Oct 2 07:12:14 EEST 2008

Igor Chudov wrote:
> I use Ubuntu Hardy, get mails locally and run dovecot listening on
> localhost. I run Evolution and have it connect to dovecot, so that I
> can access my mail in IMAP and be able to use mutt from remote. 
> So far so good. It works. However, my problem is that Evolution cannot
> delete any messages. That is, when I click DELETE in Evolution,
> Evolution no longer sees the message , but the message is still
> there. That's not what I want, when deleting messages I want them to
> go away from Inbox. 
> How can I do it? 
Evolution marks mail as deleted.  You can then Expunge (ctrl-e) to 
actually delete them.  Personally, this is the way I like it. 

I took a quick google to see what the procedure was for changing that to 
a 'Move to Trash' folder, but it appears Evolution uses virtual folders 
to emulate a Trash. 

Maybe the expunge information is enough for your needs?  I was assuming 
you wanted a Trash folder, with data, to be seen across different clients.


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