[Dovecot] SIGBART/SIGSEGV while SELECTing virtual folder

Lars Noschinski lars at public.noschinski.de
Thu Oct 30 21:45:44 EET 2008

* Lars Noschinski <lars at public.noschinski.de> [08-10-30 20:29]:
>* Lars Noschinski <lars at public.noschinski.de> [08-10-30 20:13]:
>>And another one to go (using latest hg tip, changeset 8360:7c615ac48711)
>Forgot the dovecot-virtual file:
>    all
>though it also occurs using only "*". And dovecot -n output:

While trying to produce a smaller testcase, I changed the
dovecot-virtual file to


and the problem went away. It did not reoccur after reverting the
change. After this, I also could not reproduce the problem on a copy of
the Mailbox, which I produced using cp -rl. Probably I should not have
used hardlinks there.

So this sounds like a chaching-related problem to me?  Hm, I remember I
renamed the virtual folder yesterday (in the filesystem, using mv).

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