[Dovecot] Account Migration Tool

Pascal Volk user+dovecot at localhost.localdomain.org
Wed Dec 9 06:36:29 EET 2009

On 12/08/2009 08:10 PM dmiller at amfes.com wrote:
> I don't know if this tool already exists, or if not how difficult it would
> be to implement, but the following is an excerpt from the man page  the
> developer needs to write ;) -
> "imapcopy", a command-line utility that connects to a given IMAP account
> and copies the mails to a second IMAP account.  This is accomplished using
> only IMAP commands and may be used with any IMAP compliant server - and may
> be used to copy mails between servers.  Command line options include the
> ability to delete the messages after the copy (resulting in a move
> operation), selectively filter mail folders, and auto-folder creation.


goto http://www.linux-france.org/prj/imapsync/ and read the description
in the README file.
I've never tested this tool. But I think the description matches your

The trapper recommends today: c01dcofe.0934305 at localdomain.org

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