[Dovecot] help on writing a rule for perventing spam

Charles Marcus CMarcus at Media-Brokers.com
Thu Jan 22 17:52:12 EET 2009

On 1/22/2009, Giuliano Gavazzi (dev+lists at humph.com) wrote:
> "Like many people I still have a few email addresses in domains that
> I used in the past. Mail for those addresses is forwarded to my
> current address. Most of the backscatter mail that I get claims to be
> sent from these addresses. Such mail is obviously forged and is very
> easy to stop." From what I understand he is rejecting backscatter
> that is sent to some of his old addresses (with an identical forged
> sender, but this is irrelevant) and from there forwarded to his mail
> server.

No... you're reading it wrong.

He is talking about domains of HIS... so he CONTROLS them... in other
words, the same server that is receiving the backscatter is the one
rejecting the forged backscatter.

You would be right if you were talking about an old hotmail account or
something like that, but we're not.


Best regards,


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