[Dovecot] help on writing a rule for perventing spam

Giuliano Gavazzi dev+lists at humph.com
Mon Jan 26 01:17:28 EET 2009

On S 24 Jan, 2009, at 21:45 , mouss wrote:
>> From what I understand he is rejecting backscatter that is sent to  
>> some
>> of his old addresses (with an identical forged sender,
> Note the "from" in "claims to be sent FROM...".
>> but this is
>> irrelevant) and from there forwarded to his mail server. Very bad. If
>> you have configured forwarding somewhere you must be prepared to  
>> accept
>> anything from there, or else you will be the cause of backscatter  
>> as the
>> peer server is a genuine server and not a spambot.
> you misunderstooood ;-p

whoops! I wrote "with an identical forged sender, but this is  
irrelevant", clearly that was NOT irrelevant. I should have paid more  
attention to that. Anyway, your document should not be just called  
"backscatter how-to", as backscatter will have (if really such), most  
of the time, an empty sender. The only exception are some idiotic  
virus scanners.

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