[Dovecot] How do I get my mail from fetchmail into dovecot

Andrzej Adam Filip andrzej.filip at gmail.com
Sat Jun 20 20:59:16 EEST 2009

Steinar Bang <sb at dod.no> wrote:

>>>>>> Andrzej Adam Filip <andrzej.filip at gmail.com>:
>> You can use mda option provided in fetchmail as SMTP alternative.
>> -------------------------------------------------------------------------
>> I recommend using procmail as mda in ~/.fetchmailrc e.g.:
> Heh... I'm an old procmail user, and was happy to be able to switch back
> to it from sieve (which I never really got the hang of), when moving
> from cyrus to dovecot.
> But I'm not sure if I'd ever *recommend* it to someone else.
> On a side note: the exim default config of debian (and debian
> derivatives, like Ubuntu), uses procmail for filtering and delivery if
> it is available, and there is a .procmailrc file in the users' home
> directories.

I use *both* (procmail script as fetchmail's MDA and sieve).

Somehow I prefer to:
a) avoid passing messages via local MTA (fetchmail's default)
b) avoid calling dovecot's deliver directly from ~/.fetchmailrc

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