[Dovecot] More dovecot-2.0.alpha2 problems

Mike Abbott michael.abbott at apple.com
Mon Nov 16 18:23:20 EET 2009

>> 3.  imap crashed when using mdbox:
>> Fri Oct 30 14:54:49 server dovecot[11491]: imap(pid 11938 user userZ):  
>> dbox /Volumes/Mail/userZ/mailboxes/INBOX/Sent/dbox-Mails: map  
>> uidvalidity mismatch (1256918863 vs 1256919073)
> I'll look at this later. Although could it be HFS+ related problem,
> similar to what was worked around with maildir?

I won't rule that out, but I'm not seeing EINVAL or ENOENT errors like with maildir.  These mdbox errors appear to have another cause.  What further information do you need to fix this?

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