[Dovecot] Dovecot design-question

Werner werner at aloah-from-hell.de
Mon Feb 1 12:05:17 EET 2010

Hi everybody,

we're currently in the process of drafting our new mailserver-setup.
Instead of a single-server-setup we'd like to have two equal servers
behind a loadbalancer like LVS and shared mailhomes on NFS.

We'd like to use dovecot for POP/IMAP, dovecot-deliver as LDA.

- It's probably the best idea to direct SMTP and POP/IMAP always to
the same server behind the loadbalancer (because dovecot-deliver is
used which updates indexes?)

- If we think of a "active/passive" setup: dovecot index-files locally
or on the nfs-share?

- Is it possible to activate loadbalancing for SMTP in this environment
if dovecot index-files are held locally on each machine (POP/IMAP is
directed only to one of the two servers?)

Any comments welcome :-)

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