[Dovecot] Extraneous information

Michael M. Slusarz slusarz at curecanti.org
Mon Feb 1 18:48:18 EET 2010

Quoting Timo Sirainen <tss at iki.fi>:

> On 1.2.2010, at 9.52, Michael M. Slusarz wrote:
>> Not technically a bug, but a small waste of bandwidth: it seems (at  
>> least as of 1.2.10) that if neither CONDSTORE/QRESYNC are enabled  
>> dovecot still sends HIGHESTMODSEQ info:
> It's intentional. From rfc 4551:
>    This document adds two new response codes, HIGHESTMODSEQ and
>    NOMODSEQ.  One of those response codes MUST be returned in the OK
>    untagged response for a successful SELECT/EXAMINE command.

Yeah, you're right.  I wasn't thinking about that part properly - I  
was thinking about it in terms of a user *using* CONDSTORE vs. a  
server *supporting* CONDSTORE.  I guess that info does always need to  
be sent because it is possible to be using CONDSTORE info without  
sending an enabling command.

Sorry for the noise.


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