[Dovecot] proxy_maybe regex

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Tue Feb 2 00:47:04 EET 2010

On 2.2.2010, at 0.39, David Halik wrote:

> Back to dovecot, actually sqlite might work, because then I don't need a database backend, just a local sqlite regex. The question then being, how would dovecot handle multiple servers? For example:
> (if '%u' regexp '^[a-d]' then '192.168.xxx.1 || 192.168.xxx.2 || 192.168.xxx.3' else \
> if '%u' regexp '^[e-k]' then '192.168.xxx.2 || 192.168.xxx.3 || 192.168.xxx.1' else \
> ..) as proxy_maybe
> There are ways of doing this in mysql, with heartbeats etc (which we've discussed before), but then I'm back to mysql again. Maybe mysql just has to be the way to go in this case.

Well, continuing my mail about using DNS: You could create a heartbeat that updates DNS records (with low TTL) when it sees that servers are down. Not as good as everything done automated, but maybe easier than making MySQL redundant?

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