[Dovecot] deny=yes in userdb

Frank Cusack frank+lists/dovecot at linetwo.net
Tue Feb 2 23:47:02 EET 2010

On February 2, 2010 10:05:47 PM +0100 Edgar Fuß <ef at math.uni-bonn.de> 
> I would like deliver to reject certain users.
> Since supposedly deliver only uses userdb, not passwd, I can't use
> deny=yes for that. Or does userdb support deny=yes?

According to the docs, it doesn't.  So you'd have to remove them from
the userdb.  You didn't say what type of userdb you are using so
hard to say how hard that would be.

> Yes, I should rather reject them right in the MTA, but that currently
> takes too long to implement. Or how to reject gast* in postfix using nss
> authentication?

That depends on the system you are using (different nss support in
different systems) and what the nss backend is.  But, if you are using
nss_ldap, it might allow you to construct a search filter to exclude
those users.  Or you might put an ACL on your LDAP server to not
return the entries for those users to your MTA (or perhaps to anyone).


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