[Dovecot] LMTP in 2.0: concurrency, inet sockets

Stefan Foerster cite+dovecot-users at incertum.net
Wed Feb 3 09:41:13 EET 2010

I didn't really have much time to look at the beta versions of dovecot
2.0 (apart from installing it once and migrating most of my current
configuration, purely for testing purposes).

An exciting new feature is the LMTP support. In the default
configuration I have seen, that one only listened on a Unix socket -
will it support network (inet) sockets, too?

What about concurrent deliviers? As of now, when using the deliver LDA
together with Postfix, you have to make sure that only one recipient
is passed to deliver at a time, so for multi-recipient mail, the
system might spawn a large number of processes (two per recipient,
therefore two forks/execve calls). Is that limit still imposed with
the new LMTP server?


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