[Dovecot] [RFE] A way to encode passwords in the /etc/imap.passwd file

Răzvan Sandu razvan.sandu at zando.ro
Wed Feb 3 18:59:54 EET 2010


Is this the proper place to suggest an enhancement for the stock dovecot 
package ?

The enhancement would be the following:

For the time being, the dovecotpw utility offers a standardised way to 
interactively encode a user password in a certain scheme, say:

dovecotpw -s CRYPT
Enter new passord:
Re-enter new password:

Given a *valid* /etc/imap.passwd file (passwd-file authentication), 
dovecotpw should be able to process it non-interactively and output 
another text file with all {PLAIN} passwords converted in the specified 
<scheme>, i.e.:

dovecotpwd -s CRYPT if=/etc/imap.passwd of=/etc/imap.passwd.converted

where /etc/imap.passwd.converted have the previously {PLAIN} passwords 
converted in scheme CRYPT.

Passwords that were previously encrypted in other schemes than {PLAIN} 
shoud remain untouched.

That will allow quick securing of old legacy /etc/imap.passwd files.

Thanks a lot,

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