[Dovecot] Question re: storing non mail files via IMAP

Roderick A. Anderson raanders at cyber-office.net
Thu Feb 4 00:07:30 EET 2010

Charles Marcus wrote:
> Hey Timo,
> I have a question regarding how dovecot might behave if a mail client
> (like, for example, Thunderbird) decided to store some of its config
> files on the IMAP server itself.
> Would there be a decent way of doing this with dovecot that wouldn't
> cause problems for other clients that didn't know about these files?
> Maybe there's a way to define a special folder that dovecot knows about
> at the top level of each users mail location that can be used for this
> kind of thing?
> All I'm thinking of are certain config related files, so they would be
> small, and would only be downloaded when they didn't already exist - ie,
> when someone adds their existing account to a new PC, the first time
> they logged in, TB could simply download all of the config files,
> restart itself, and voila, your pre-configured TB is ready to go...

Yeah.  Something like a Mozilla Weave server for Firefox.

I'm interested.


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