[Dovecot] Create New Plugin

Alex Baule alexwbaule at gmail.com
Thu Feb 4 13:56:49 EET 2010

Hi Timo....

Tks, very much for the help... finally i finish my plugin and Its Work now.

Now i will start the second phase about this modifications.

I Need 3 more modifications.... one is encrypt my splited body (the header
will still open)... but i have some doubt.

The body email is splited in "boundarys", and i think that is better to
encrypt only the content of each  boundary, because is more easy to deal
with seek, stat and anothers funcions, i can use the default seek, because
its used to this, find every part of email...right ?.. Well if its right,
there is some hook to deal only with the body response ? Or its better
encrypt the entire body, and rewrite all functions ?

The Second is more simple, i need to create some defaults folders, like
"WHITE-LIST / BLACK-LIST" and  "QUARENTINE / SPAM" and the user will move
messages from the INBOX to this folders, but when the user move some message
from "QUARENTINE" to WHITE-LIST, the message will moved to INBOX and the
email address from the message will be put into white-list in postgres.
There is some hook to do this ?!

And the last one is more eeeeaasy .... lol.

How i can put into conf.d or dovecot.conf, a configuration and read from my
plugin to use with the plugin.

Exemple: the folder that have my bodys, write this in configuration and get
from configuration in dovecot.conf.

Tks Again !!

2010/2/3 Timo Sirainen <tss at iki.fi>

> On 4.2.2010, at 2.23, Alex Baule wrote:
> There is a date to the Dovecot 2.0 out as a official release ?
> "When it's stable."
> I use the 2.0 version to make a my plugin.....
> That actually makes it easier then if you use configure
> --enable-header-install. Then you'll get dovecot-config file that you can
> use to find out what compiler flags you need.
> Actually that reminds me dovecot-config should probably be converted to
> become a pkg-config file to make it even easier..

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