[Dovecot] Forcibly emptying a POP3 mailbox

Răzvan Sandu razvan.sandu at zando.ro
Thu Feb 4 15:39:07 EET 2010

Steffen Kaiser wrote:
> Well, I know that the client knows it has *successfully* downloaded 
> messages, but how does the server know? Just to sent down some
> packets through the wire does not mean success.


I see... so the server knows nothing about the success or insuccess of 
retrieving messages. Only client knows, so only client may act.

In that case, the only possibility is to have some automatic script that 
periodically "cleans" the "cur" subdirectories, as you suggested.

However, not being a programmer at all, I'm far from being able to write 
an industrial-grade solution for this.  ;-)

Best regards,

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