[Dovecot] Forcibly emptying a POP3 mailbox

Dmitri V. Ivanov dima at intex.spb.ru
Fri Feb 5 18:37:09 EET 2010

On Wed, Feb 03, 2010 at 06:41:34PM +0200, R??zvan Sandu wrote:
> Please provide a suggestion for the following situation:
> - I am running a stock POP3 dovecot server, on Fedora 12 (dovecot
> version 1.2.9)

> However, there are users that check the infamous ???Leave a copy on the  
> server??? checkbox (or equivalent) in their mail clients, eventually  
> adding ???Delete messages after X days???.
> Since I have no direct administrative control on the clients, I
> absolutely need a way to forbid the above behaviour at server level, in  
> order to enforce the policy. The server's HDD is meant to store received  
> messages from reception to the first access only.

Well-well-well. I don't know the situation with dovecot POP3 server, but look
on RFC 2449 and especially "expire" extension.

I think there is other question and it is right one:

Can dovecot pop3 server deal with pop3 extensions (supports "capa" command)
and can it deal with "expire" extension and how to use it?

Sorry that not much help...

Dmitri Ivanov

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