[Dovecot] Automatic Debian Dovecot repository now also includes amd64 binary packages.

Stephan Bosch stephan at rename-it.nl
Mon Feb 8 00:51:53 EET 2010


I've recently significantly improved the automated Dovecot Debian 
package builder. At the beginning it only produced i386 binaries for 
Debian testing. A few weeks back I added a slave builder that builds 
packages for Debian stable. Today I have extended the slave builder with 
support for multiple architectures and I've added amd64 binaries to the 
repository. The master builder still builds packages for testing/i386 
every hour. The slaves check for new source packages about 20 minutes 

Read the following wiki page for more information and read it carefully 
when you are considering to use these packages:


Also, every day at four 'o clock in the morning, the latest source 
packages are uploaded to the openSUSE build service, which builds 
i386/amd64 binaries for several Ubuntu versions (experimental):




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