[Dovecot] Dovecot and duplicates

Veikko "Wexi" Skurnik wexi at wexin.net
Wed Feb 10 13:14:21 EET 2010


I'm having a problem setting up duplicate filtering on my mail server. 
I've set up the mail server with Postfix and Dovecot with virtual LDAP 
users, ClamAV virus scanning. The problem is that some of the virtual 
users use multiple e-mail addresses and postfix delivers emails sent to 
a user as many times as the user has email address entries in LDAP. I 
was wondering what would be the smartest way to get rid of these 
duplicates, they have identical message ID:s and a simple procmail 
recipe does the trick, however as I'm using dovecots deliver, procmail 
isn't the answer.  Is it possible to use Sieve to do this, I've been 
googling around *a lot* and haven't found anything that would solve the 

This is the procmail recipe that succesfully eliminates the duplicates:


:0 Wh: msgid.lock
| formail -D 8192 .msgid.cache

Or could another solution be to configure postfix to first receive the 
email, then let procmail do the duplicate filtering, then ClamAV does 
the virus scan and finally dovecots deliver delivers the message to the 
virtual user's mailbox?

Any help will be greatly appreciated =)


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