[Dovecot] Purging a large folder... anything I need to be careful of?

Charles Marcus CMarcus at Media-Brokers.com
Wed Feb 10 17:43:34 EET 2010

On 2010-02-10 7:40 AM, Dennis Guhl wrote:
> Charles Marcus schrieb:
>> On 2010-02-10 12:59 AM, Dennis Guhl wrote:
>>> Dave schrieb:
>> Not entirely accurate. TB does indeed have a big problem with mbox files

> Oh, I think that should be a bug, since today files with more then 4GB
> are nor rare.

I agree... I've been considering opening a bug about this, but it hasn't
been high on my list since I don't have my large folders set to full
offline mode (just my Inbox mainly)...

> But using only IMAP I never encountered this problem and wasn't aware
> of it.

You would if you had set any of the folders larger than 4GB to full
offline mode and sync'd them... ;)

> But there are no quotas on the folder so I never took a look at the
> size with TB.

I always enable extra columns in the folder pane and add the size
column, so I can always see how big my folders are...

> And what is displayed as the message count if exceed 32 bit?

Message count is correctly displayed, as far as I've been able to determine.

>> I don't think dovecots indexes are affected by this - it is merely a
>> cosmetic TB issue.

> When you go to ~/Maildir/cur/ to remove messages (as dave intend)
> dovecots indexes will indeed be affected. But it will cause no trouble
> beside throwing an entry in the log.

Yes, of course the indexes will be rebuilt, but that is normal when
messages are deleted/added. I meant they won't be affected in any
abnormal way...


Best regards,


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