[Dovecot] upgrade 1.0.15-2.3+lenny1 to 1.2.9-1~bpo50+1

Stan Hoeppner stan at hardwarefreak.com
Thu Feb 11 04:11:43 EET 2010

System:			Debian 5.0.4 Lenny
Kernel:			custom built from kernel.org source
Dovecot:		1.0.15-2.3+lenny1
Available:		1.2.9-1~bpo50+1
Mailbox format:		mbox
Storage location:	/home/$user/mail/ on ext2 fs
Delivery:		Postfix 2.5.5 local to /var/mail/$user

As you can see Debian has a backport package of Dovecot 1.2.9 available to Lenny
users, and it appears it is a big jump forward in terms of elapsed time and

Debian ships Dovecot in a collection of 6 packages.  I currently only use two,
dovecot-common and dovecot-imapd.  I'm guessing it would probably be wise to
shutdown all my current Dovecot processes before starting the upgrade.

Before I do this upgrade I figured I'd ask first to see if there are any gotchas
or explosions awaiting me.  Any warnings, hints, pointers anyone?  Timo?



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