[Dovecot] apache2 mod_authn_dovecot

Boris Manojlovic boris at steki.net
Thu Feb 11 16:18:39 EET 2010

Dear All,

  I have created apache2 module that allows web users to authenticate
against dovecot auth daemon. It connect to dovecot authentication client
Currently implemented mechanism is plaintext PLAIN. Currently there are no
plans to support any other as only thing that i have created in apache
module is
"Basic" auth. Source code can be downloaded from;
or tagged version v0.1 from:

Currently built RPMS can be downloaded from OpenSUSE build service URL:
of choice>

Please comment or raise issues if you think it is useful or full of bugs :).

Boris Manojlovic

P.S. Very basic README - HOW TO is on this URL

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