[Dovecot] Dovecot and duplicates

Veikko "Wexi" Skurnik wexi at wexin.net
Thu Feb 11 19:39:29 EET 2010

On 10.2.2010 1:54, Gabriel Millerd wrote:
> On Wed, Feb 10, 2010 at 5:14 AM, Veikko "Wexi" Skurnik <wexi at wexin.net 
> <mailto:wexi at wexin.net>> wrote:
>     I'm having a problem setting up duplicate filtering on my mail
>     server. I've set up the mail server with Postfix and Dovecot with
>     virtual LDAP users, ClamAV virus scanning. The problem is that
>     some of the virtual users use multiple e-mail addresses and
>     postfix delivers emails sent to a user as many times as the user
>     has email address entries in LDAP. I was wondering what would be
>     the smartest way to get rid of these duplicates, they have
>     identical message ID:s and a simple procmail recipe does the
>     trick, however as I'm using dovecots deliver, procmail isn't the
>     answer.  Is it possible to use Sieve to do this, I've been
>     googling around *a lot* and haven't found anything that would
>     solve the problem...
> i would assume that there is a postfix mechanism for consolidating 
> these once it has normalized / expanded the rcpts for the message.
> -- 
> Gabriel Millerd

I've been trying to figure this out and no luck... I still think that 
one possibility could be a Sieve script that would discard messages 
based on a message-ID cache like the procmail recipe does. Does 
dovecot's deliver have some sort of message-ID cache that could be used 
to removed the duplicates? Or if anyone has any ideas how to do this, 
I'm open to suggestions =)


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