[Dovecot] quick question

alex handle alex.handle at gmail.com
Fri Feb 12 19:42:55 EET 2010

I think mail is the wrong application for nfs, because nfs is slow for
metadata operations.
Would rather use it for vm hosting than mail.

We used to have a small clustered netapp with 10k hdds and three
frontend servers with postfix and courier imap/pop3.
the setup was stable however the performance was not good.

So we build a imap cluster out of a pair of dell r710 (6 x 15K hdds)
with centos 5 drbd and heartbeat.
I will scale this setup by adding another pair of r710 servers and
randomizing the mailboxes between the imap/pop3 cluster pairs.
An imap proxy will direct the users to the right server and the
frontend mx servers will also send the mail to the right server
by using smtp as tranport and postfix transport maps for routing.

In the future i would like to switch from courier to dovecot and using
lmtp as transport to our mailstore.

We currently have 10000 mailboxes
only 300 - 400 imap connections
but a lot pop access

the load an the active r710 is only 0.10 :)

I think mail is a problem which you can easily partition so why have
all eggs in one basket :)


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