[Dovecot] Plugin question

Valery Gorbunov val.gorbunov at gmail.com
Sun Feb 14 13:09:53 EET 2010

Hi All

I needs to write plugin which converting messages by replacing entier
message by one of parts of this message. In
another words I need show part of multipart message instead entire message.
Stream substitution in *mail->v.get_stream()* function gives incorrect
results because mail indexed and cached before.
Therefore I should wrap email during indexing too.
something like:
struct index_transaction_context * it;
it->ibox->mail_vfuncs->get_stream = convert_get_stream;
Is it enough or idea to replace mail stream by another will don't work

Could you suggest how to show one mail instead another in Dovecot

Thank you
Valery Gorbunov

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