[Dovecot] Capability COMPRESS implemented?

Ed W lists at wildgooses.com
Mon Feb 15 11:44:23 EET 2010

Hi Timo

> Looks like COMPRESS=DEFLATE is valid only after login, which made it
> much easier to implement. It's now in v2.0 hg. Tested that it seems to
> work with Thunderbird 3.0.1.
> http://hg.dovecot.org/dovecot-2.0/rev/29f5567e0a9a
> protocol imap {
>    mail_plugins = zlib imap_zlib
> }

Oh!!  Dur.  At long, long last I finally understood what you were 
telling me when you said you wanted to stop the zlib plugin being file 
based and move to an iostream!  This has been trying to get higher up my 
todo list to have a closer look at for some time, but I completely 
misunderstood where/how you had it in mind to implement the compression 
- your solution seems very neat and clever!

Thanks for implementing this - this is very exciting!  I'm tied up with 
deadlines on other projects, but extremely keen to have a performance 
test as soon as possible - would be very interested to hear results from 
anyone else on the list who gives this a go - as I say our compression 
proxy gives quite a noticable speedup on larger mailboxes over a 10Mbit 
connection here and it *should* give quite a zing to Profimail for 
symbian phones (who kindly specifically added support for this on request)


Ed W

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