[Dovecot] wish now I'd not upgraded...

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Mon Feb 15 16:58:19 EET 2010

On 15.2.2010, at 16.51, Stan Hoeppner wrote:

>> This is a Thunderbird bug and there have been several threads about this here. Basically the fix is to disable CONDSTORE support in Thunderbird until 3.0.2 is released.
> I guess I should have paid closer attention to that thread.  Since I wasn't
> seeing that problem with my 3.0.1 I assumed it didn't apply to me.  Apparently
> it just didn't apply to dovecot 1.0.15, but does apply to 1.2.10.  Yes?

Rght. v1.2 is the first version to support CONDSTORE extension.

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