[Dovecot] sieve addflag has stopped working

Andrew Schulman andrex at alumni.utexas.net
Tue Feb 16 01:29:39 EET 2010

> Andrew Schulman wrote:
> > plugin {
> >   sieve_extensions = +imapflags
> > }
> >
> > in dovecot.conf.  I know that imapflags is deprecated, but it is still supposed
> > to be supported.  Unfortunately ingo1 doesn't support imap4flags yet
> > (http://bugs.horde.org/ticket/8784).
> >   
> This is a known problem and it has been fixed in the repository:
> http://hg.rename-it.nl/dovecot-1.2-sieve/rev/a890258aa5a9
> This bug was actually present for quite some time. It was however 
> shadowed by another bug that was fixed in the latest release, exposing 
> this one.

That's kind of funny.

> You can apply the above change as a patch to fix the issue during the 
> time that there is no new release.

OK, thanks.  I'll file a bug report with Debian and see if they'll release a
patched version.


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