[Dovecot] Dovecot 1.2.8 problem on AIX

Stewart Dean sdean at bard.edu
Tue Feb 16 17:04:26 EET 2010

Back when (5-6 ? years ago) I first put DC on our AIX mail server, I 
thought to put it in the inted.conf file, as was the old UWIMAP 
invocation.  But a) I had problems with that and b) people here informed 
me that it was much more efficient just to directly invoke it, so I put 
it in the /etc/rc.local file and it has <knock on wood> never failed to 
start and run cleanly.  So....this is an easy one with an easy answer.  :)

Jonathan Siegle wrote:
> Running revision 9492:3efdbaab2960(Mon Nov 23) on AIX 5.3. I run dovecot out of inetd. Every once in a while I get the following error:
> Dovecot is already running with PID 2592842 (read from /usr/ladmin/dovecot-1.2.8/var/run/dovecot/master.pid) when I try to connect to the imap port.
> -Jonathan

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