[Dovecot] Courier->Dovecot Migration Issue

Tony Rutherford tony at bluetie.com
Tue Feb 16 19:38:59 EET 2010

For testing purposes, on a small set of users, we've run the
courier-dovecot-migrate.pl script.   We are converting from Courier 0.43 to
Dovecot 1.2.9.  For the most part, things seem to be ok.  However, an iPhone
IMAP client user is reporting a problem where some of her messages don't
show up.  Even stranger is the fact that these same messages do appear when
using Outlook 2k7 for instance.  The common denominator for when the
messages are missing seems to be whether or not the message appeared in both
the Courier IMAP and Courier POP3 uid files.  The missing messages appear in
the CourierIMAP file, but NOT the Courier POP file.  Here is a snippet from
the resulting Dovecot-uidlist file:


3 V1141844265 N12392

9338 P00cf2eb6_fadc_4992_ad3a_57cc83a16eab W5146

9788 P0b18a2d6_97dd_4712_a09c_23c7a3d59467 W4055

9942 P0b3cfd0b_1fc7_47b3_805f_b369a3bb6c65 W4359

10100 Pe178f1ed_d648_47e8_807a_3e2d655d7f84 W12028

10101 Pe3f28a53_a4d4_4f3d_babe_5df72bc35b47 W13974

10102 Pf3c3024b_2850_43ef_a397_d5cae5c8f537 W7177

10104 P6e808a68_0a7b_4528_aa67_4cc16361c56b W10817

10105 P65c8218d_7b2a_43b7_82a4_2743025bd954 W3579

10106 P963cc43e_0355_481e_99d5_5468708bc28f W6410

10107 P1405aefc_b98b_4a35_a7dd_a69199f724d0 W4703

10108 P67908fad_ec0a_4786_b0f1_c7cfaa23d09a W127288

10109 :9176f3b2_1927_4657_baa8_bfe4c39e89d4:2,S

10110 :79047185_aef7_48ec_aff2_6b71bd566acd:2,S

10111 :efe275a0_a7a8_4f47_b638_45a18bc0b108:2,S


The last three entries exist in the Courier IMAP file, but NOT the Courier
POP file.  The resulting dovecot-uidlist format is different, but to be
honest, I haven't been able to find the exact specification for the format
of the dovecot-uidlist file (if it exists).


What is really strange to me is: If there was a problem with the migration
script and resulting dovecot-uidlist file, why would these messages show up
fine in some client (ex. Outlook) and not others (ex. iPhone).




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