[Dovecot] Special user

Dennis Guhl dg at dguhl.org
Wed Feb 17 14:09:38 EET 2010

Daniel L. Miller schrieb:


> Example:  accountspayable at mydomain.com - is an alias for 
> jane at mydomain.com, june at mydomain.com, and john at mydomain.com.  However - 
> any mails sent (from a particular client software) should all only show 
> "accountspayable" as the sender.

If you yust want to appear like comming to your clients with 'From: 
<accountspayable at mydomain.com>' it might be the easiest to define a 
new identity in your MUA with accountspayable at mydomain.com for your 
email address.

Else you create accountspayable at mydomain.com as a normal user but 
prohibit him to login with imap or pop (like Timo suggested). In 
this case you can also implement a public mailbox with shared flags.



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