[Dovecot] GlusterFs - Any new progress reports?

Ed W lists at wildgooses.com
Wed Feb 17 20:30:48 EET 2010

GlusterFs always strikes me as being "the solution" (one day...).  It's 
had a lot of growing pains, but there have been a few on the list had 
success using it already.

Given some time has gone by since I last asked - has anyone got any more 
recent experience with it and how has it worked out with particular 
emphasis on Dovecot maildir storage? How has version 3 worked out for you?

Anyone had success using some other clustered/HA filestore with dovecot 
who can share their experience? (OCFS/GFS over DRBD, etc?)

My interest is more in bootstrapping a more highly available system from 
lower quality (commodity) components than very high end use


Ed W

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