[Dovecot] GlusterFs - Any new progress reports?

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Fri Feb 19 00:37:52 EET 2010

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> Dare I ask...(as it's not exactly clear from the Gluster docs)
> If I take 5 storage servers to house my /mail can my cluster of 5 front
> end dovecot servers all mount/read/write to /mail.
Yes. That's the beauty of GlusterFS.

> The reason I ask is the docs seem to suggest I should be doing 5
> servers, having 5 partitions, one for each mail server?
You can do that. But with GlusterFS and Dovecot you don't need to. You can mount read/write the same GlusterFS share on all the mail servers. Dovecot will usually add the hostname of the delivering system into the maildir file name. As long as the delivery is collision free in terms of file names then you can scale up as many read/write nodes you like.

> Any clues?
> Regards
> John

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