[Dovecot] Client behaviour with sieve

Matthijs Kooijman matthijs at stdin.nl
Fri Feb 19 16:54:32 EET 2010

Hi Koenraad,

> What I don't like is that you posted my e-mail-adress in your
> message. Now it will be available to harvesters, and I will get spam
> via that address very soon. Please don't be offended, but remove
> that from your replies.
Not to a wise ass, but by posting to a list, you'll get your email published
anyway. There are public archives, of which the official one uses obfuscation,
but I think spam crawlers can replace " at " with an @ just fine, and
dovecot.org publishes an mbox file of the entire archive. I agree that having
the address in plain text in an archive is more obvious, but you'll have to
accept that it will be harvested anyway, unless you're not using the address
at all...


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