[Dovecot] Best inode_ratio for maildir++ on ext4

Rodolfo Gonzalez Gonzalez rgonzalez at gnt.cc
Sat Feb 20 08:18:41 EET 2010

Noel Butler wrote:
>> Agree wth XFS, providing, and a big providing, you have reliable
>> and guaranteed power, hard powerouts on XFS are not known for their
>> niceness and protection of data
> Bugger, hit enter too soon, was going to say, it is probably better
> than using EXT4 though, why on earth anyone would use that on a
> serious production server I'll never know.

I used to have the maildirs on ReiserFS and never had a problem with it,
but given the current state of that FS and that I weren't really
comfortable with it, I'll give XFS a try for the maildir array and the 
postfix queue partition. After formating, I got 4.6 Tb of usable space, 
which makes me happy, and also the dynamic inode allocation.


P.S. I have UPS and generator.

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