[Dovecot] Dovecot design-question

Werner werner at aloah-from-hell.de
Sat Feb 20 19:28:58 EET 2010

Hi Timo,

>> 2010-02-17 17:52:21 deliver(werner at example.com): Error: Corrupted transaction log file /mailhome/wernertest/dovecot.index.log seq 24: Invalid
>> transaction log size (67988 vs 68080): /mailhome/wernertest/dovecot.index.log (sync_offset=67988)
>> Is this something to worry about ?
> Probably not. You might lose the latest change from index, but then
> again since you're using Maildir, Dovecot finds out about the change
> soon anyway.

Great news - I think all problems/points are now solved so far and we can
start the migration =))

Seize the day,

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