[Dovecot] Dovecot v2.0.beta3 quota using userdb

e-frog e-frog at gmx.de
Mon Feb 22 22:39:49 EET 2010

Timo Sirainen wrote:
> On Sat, 2010-02-20 at 20:02 +0100, e-frog wrote:
>> I'm playing around with the new Dovecot v2.0.beta3 and don't seem to be
>> able to get quotas working from userdb. I didn't change the SQL query
>> which was working for 1.2.10.
> Fixed: http://hg.dovecot.org/dovecot-2.0/rev/ba19f3c077a8
> Looks like this has always been broken. Wonder why I never noticed it.

Hmm. This patch doesn't seem to fix it for me. There is still no "Quota
rule" in the logs as before...

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