[Dovecot] managesieve build error

Bradley Giesbrecht bradley.giesbrecht at gmail.com
Tue Feb 23 01:11:16 EET 2010



I believe I patched dovecot successfully and compiled the dovecot and  
dovecot-sieve source tress.

patching file README.managesieve
patching file dovecot-example.conf
patching file src/master/child-process.c
patching file src/master/child-process.h
patching file src/master/listener.c
patching file src/master/login-process.c
patching file src/master/mail-process.c
patching file src/master/main.c
patching file src/master/master-settings-defs.c
patching file src/master/master-settings.c
patching file src/master/master-settings.h

Then I configure dovecot-managesieve and this completes without error.

But when I make dovecot-managesieve I get this error:
Making all in managesieve
main.c:195: error: variable 'managesieve_sieve_env' has initializer  
but incomplete type

Where should I be looking for a solution?

Thank you,

Bradley Giesbrecht

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