[Dovecot] Occasional problem with POP3-Download

Ed W lists at wildgooses.com
Tue Feb 23 18:12:37 EET 2010

On 23/02/2010 13:45, Andre Tann wrote:
> Steffen Kaiser, Dienstag 23 Februar 2010:
>> Can you provide a sample mail? Does it contains NUL (ASCII 0, 0x0, \0)
>> characters?
> I don't have one right now. I will catch the next one that is nagging
> me, and post it here.
> Until then: how can I find out if a mail contains a NUL-Byte? Can one
> grep for it? grep \0 mailfile?

Also try some permutations such as
- delivering one new email to the user (yes it's then on the end before 
you get to it)
- does it repeatedly die with the same message/same point each time?
- if you remove the message, then allow the user to complete the 
download, then put the message back again does it still die on that message?
- change internet connection - does it download ok now?

I have seen something similar to what you describe over a the last few 
years (not server specific), only very rarely though.  I can't repro it 
from a different network connection, ie different connection used and it 
downloads fine.  Also simply adding/removing messages (usually any 
message) causes the next download to succeed.

I had actually attributed the problem to be elsewhere and perhaps a very 
specific interaction of MTU size with a sequence of bytes in the message 
which was confusing Outlook Express...?  I haven't had ever managed to 
get a situation that I can reproduce time and time again on my side.

Good luck

Ed W

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