[Dovecot] Regarding: **OFF LIST** subject declaration

Jerry gesbbb at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 24 21:06:09 EET 2010

Seriously, I just have to ask this question. Why mark via the subject
line a message as "OFF LIST" and then send it via the normal list
framework. Doing so only insures that the message is actually "ON
LIST" irregardless of what nomenclature is used in the subject line. If
a message is truly supposed to be "OFF LIST", then why not send it
directly to its intended recipient(s)? If, on the other hand, it is
meant for general review by the groups members, then why mark it "OFF
LIST" to begin with?

I am aware of the prefix "OT" used in several forums; however, that is
usually only used to thwart the moderator of the forum from banning the
message or chastising the OP. Its use is of dubious success.

gesbbb at yahoo.com


The course of true anything never does run smooth.

	Samuel Butler

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