[Dovecot] OT: best linux imap client for dovecot

Frank Cusack frank+lists/dovecot at linetwo.net
Thu Feb 25 00:18:58 EET 2010

On 2/24/10 8:37 PM +0200 Timo Sirainen wrote:
> 1) Online mode: Don't download all message headers at once at startup.
> If I open a mailbox, I'm seeing only about 20 messages on screen. That's
> all it needs to download. When I scroll the message list, download more
> as needed.

I disagree.

You are conflating UI blocking with network blocking (download), probably
because that's how TB does it.  IMHO, when you open a mailbox, messages
should fill in and be accessible immediately, ie as soon as the headers
are downloaded.  Beyond a screenful, the client should continue to
download headers so that when you do scroll down, there is no delay.
This is especially useful when you are on a slow link.  You spend SO
much time doing nothing, ie reading messages, while the client could
be doing work for you, and then when you scroll you have to wait again?

Also you have to adjust this behavior if server-side sorting is not
available and the user wants something other than message order.

If you're worried about "wasting" bandwidth, a valid concern, the client
need only prefetch another screenful of messages at a time.

If your client is configured to sync message bodies, it should go ahead
and do that before you start actually reading them, so that you are not
waiting on download.

Apple Mail, for one, seems to implement things as I've described.  Note
I am in now way endorsing Apple Mail as a good IMAP client.


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